Are you interested in becoming a Licensee?

Join a progressive, worldwide network of like-minded professionals and find yourself at the cutting edge of 3D golf swing analysis. Use the latest technology and the best software in the business to analyze long game, short game and putting.

Some advantages of joining the GBD Team

1. Global network of support
2. Unique point of difference technology -
analysis of the full swing and putting stroke
3. Direct contact with the founder - Dr Robert Neal, a world expert in golf biomechanics
4. Benefit from our experience of over 10 years of service provision to the elite developing players
5. Ongoing improvement/addition of software modules; ours is an evolving product
6. The easiest to understand 3D Report in the industry
7. Continuing Research – justifying our intervention; a great fit to multi-disciplinary model
8. Business Opportunities

To register your interest in becoming a GBD Licensee contact any of our Team Members directly or Golf BioDynamics CEO Dr. Robert Neal

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