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Michael Bury - Australian PGA Member (2008)

Michael Bury says:

“Hi Rob and Karen, I just wanted to take to opportunity to thank you for welcoming me to the Jim McLean Golf School at Doral. You have made my trip to the US far more memorable than I ever could have imagined. The knowledge that you have passed on to me was extremely generous, and will no doubt make me a better instructor. The BioDynamics is a perfect addition to providing a holistic approach to teaching, and you are unquestionably the leader in this field. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you again in the future”.

Scott Booth - PGA Golf Professional, Chester Golf Club, Chester, UK (2007)

Scott Booth says:

I would just like to thank you and your wife personally for a fantastic four days (TGA Course), I have come away with so much information that will undoubtedly further my knowledge of this fantastic game (well sometimes it’s fantastic, depends how I’ve played usually). The seminar was delivered in a fun and informative manner and the camaraderie with everyone was great, I am sure you will have had many e-mails from all who attended saying pretty much the same which speaks volumes about you and your team. Many thanks again and enjoy the rest of your time in the UK, I look forward to seeing you at The Belfry in January.

Kevin Sprecher, PGA - Lead Master Instruction, Jim McLean Golf schools at Doral (2005)

Kevin Sprecher, PGA says:

“I have been working with Dr. Neal and Karen Harrison for over five years. They have helped me improve my game and teaching. Their expertise in BioDynamics and biofeedback training has been a terrific tool for assisting me in improving my students. “

Anders Christiansen - Nationals Men’s Coach, Denmark

Anders Christiansen says:

In Denmark it came as a big surprise for our federation (Danish Golf Union, DGU), that we were able to win the unofficial Men’s European Strokeplay Championships, The Copa Sotogrande Nations Cup last week. The ladies from Denmark also had a great tournament finishing in 4th place, but I do not think The Danish Men’s Team have ever finished in the top 5 before and even though, I have been working hard with the players in the last 5 months, (I started as The Danish Men’s National Coach in November 2006), it also came as a surprise for me, that we were able to win. I expected my team to do well, but to win a big event like Copa Sotogrande; you also need a bit of luck. We had that, but we have also had some great help from “the best in the business” lately.

I have no economic interest in the things I am going to tell you about below, but if we share the same goal of being able to produce new golfing superstars, so that we can keep on beating the American Team at The Ryder Cup and also produce future European Major winners, I find it important that we help each other in any way we can.

DGU have been working with a company called “Golf BioDynamics”! This system is a great part of, what in my opinion is, the best golf program in the world, “The Jim McLean Golf Schools”.

Through my work for Jim McLean at The Doral Resort & Spa in Miami, during the last 9 winters, I have been introduced to Doctor Rob Neal, who is The CEO of ”Golf BioDynamics”. They have their headquarters at “The Jim McLean Golf Schools at Doral”. ”Golf BioDynamics” is a training concept that really pays attention to details in the golf swing. It measures the body in its rotations, sideways and up and downward movements and the speeds that these movements appear in the swing. In the system, you can see yourself in 3D. After a test and a comparison to one of around 150 tour pro’s, that they have measured, the most important areas to work on will be pointed out and now the system will be set up to “Feedback training mode”. It means that if you for example turn your hips too far in the backswing, a sound system will be connected to the sensor placed on your hips. This sensor will send information to a computer that will start to beep, when your hip rotation is in a great corridor, compared to where the pros are. In this way you can both feel and ”hear” the new movement and that really speeds up the process of learning a better motion. The concept is in my humble opinion fantastic!

Trillium Sellers - Instructor Jim McLean Golf Schools and Sleepy Hollow Country Club NY (2008)

Trillium Sellers says:

“The Golf BioDynamics system is groundbreaking and brings the fine tuning of golf to an entirely new level. What Dr. Neal and Karen bring to our golf school is unparalleled in quality of information and depth of detail. Having them is such an asset for a player who is serious about improving - no matter what their skill level”.

Joey Corona - Creator, GolfYoga "A new twist on golf conditioning" Miami, Fl (USA). (2007)

Joey Corona says:

I have seen numerous golfers including myself waste countless years and possibly their whole golfing lifetime on swing theory and the latest "secret." You can immediately remedy the guesswork with Golf Biodynamics. I think it is the finest golf specific diagnostic tool you can use to answer the question: What exactly happens in my golf swing? Once you know, you can take the steps to improve otherwise you are not assessing you are just guessing! Dr. Robert Neal has proven what I believe to be the most important key to learning: It is better to know than not to know.

Peter Knight - Director - National Elite Development Golf Australia (2004)

Peter Knight says:

“I have been coaching for 30 years and have found the information and biofeedback offered by the Golf Biodynamics system is one where the player gets instant feedback and can learn the ‘feel’ of swing improvement faster than with any other method or system I have seen. I would recommend the system to any serious coach to use with their better players”.

Christine Greatrex - Former LPGA Tour member Instructor at Brae Burn CC in Purchase, New York. (2007)

Christine Greatrex says:

"What Golf Biodynamics has brought to the table is immeasurable. How I wish this technology was around in my developmental years but alas it is never too late to take advantage of Dr. Neal and Karen Harrison's expertise and any serious golfer or instructor should certainly have Golf Biodynamics at the top of their list. As a full time instructor, player and avid student of the game, I have seen and heard aspects of the game explained in many, many ways, none have been so clear and detailed as Rob and Karen's approach. The biofeedback session they offer is the ultimate teaching and learning tool and my favorite part of the experience. Imagine having the ability to actually feel what an instructor is telling you to do or at the very least having a full understanding of why you can't and what you can do about it! A big round of applause for Golf Biodynamics..."

Chris Perrini - Teaching Professional Caves Valley Country Club(2008)

Chris Perrini says:

"Golf Bio Dynamics is a very informative program that details just how important stability and flexibility are in the golf swing. Doctor Rob Neal is a certified golf biomechanics expert who prides himself on helping golfers of all levels reach their goals. The feedback received from GBD is very simple and effective. I recommend Golf Bio Dynamics to anybody serious about reaching new levels in their golf game."

Derek Hooper - Director of Instruction Lake of Isles Golf Academy Connecticut (2008)

Derek Hooper says:

“I have worked with the Golf Biodynamics Team (Rob Neal and Karen Harrison) for many years and have always been extremely impressed with their depth of knowledge and ability to explain their findings to clients of all skill levels. The team's many years of ongoing research keeps them at the forefront of innovation for providing a holistic, integrated program for improvement. The use of biofeedback in helping my clients to achieve positive change has proved to be one of the best methods I have ever used. The higher levels of student understanding of desired movement patterns result in fast, accurate swing improvements. If you are serious about helping your clients improve their golf game then Golf Biodynamics must be part of your teaching arsenal”.

Brandon Stooksbury - Teaching Professional – Golf Tec Las Vegas (2008)

Brandon Stooksbury says:

“I’ve been around this business all my life and I thought I had seen just about seen it all…but to say the last few months of working with you have been “eye-opening” would be a drastic understatement. Not only are you both great people, but your knowledge of the proper body motions in the golf swing and your ability to communicate that knowledge to students is second to none!!! The Golf Biodynamics System and the BioFeedback associated with it, push the learning curve higher than it’s ever been pushed before…it really is the future of golf instruction. Thanks for everything!!!!”

Uli Eckhardt - German National Coach Boys Team (2008)

Uli Eckhardt says:

“I started working with GBD this winter – coaching the Boys National Team for Germany. You can’t find a better way to analyse how well your body works during the golf swing and whether or not you have muscular deficits that are influencing technique. On top of that, Robert Neal has the ability to figure out what step comes next (in terms of technical intervention) or what kind of workout you need to reach the next level..this is the moment when Karen comes in play and shows you the right is a team that works extremely well together: a perfect analyzing 3D System paired with two excellent teachers working at the highest level..”

John Bierkan - Director of Instruction Caves Valley Golf Club Owings Mills, MD (2008)

John Bierkan says:

“Dr. Rob Neal and Karen Harrison know their stuff! Other "bio-mechanic experts" use similar technologies, but don't have the experience or knowledge to interpret and convey the correct information to their students. Dr. Neal and Karen do have the vital knowledge and experience to properly send the message to students and get results. There is no doubt that they are the world's leaders in golf biomechanics. Their experience with both the average golfer and tour players are vast. I completely trust their expertise. I would never jeopardize my student’s progress”.

Jan Frej G. Pedersen - National Coach, Girls, Denmark.(2007)

Jan Frej G. Pedersen says:

The game of golf has been characterized by mysticism and opinion for a long time. However, with the technological progress, that make actual measures available, a new line of thinking is gaining ground: a scientific approach which will rely on facts, figures and sound scientific principle in the line of thinking. As a metaphor, the game of golf is coming out of the medieval period and is now standing on the brink of the renaissance. Rob, Karen and Michael (Dalgleish) are spearheads of this development and through their work and approach they are inspiration to all of us who seek knowledge and answers rather than opinion and guesses.

Simon Nash - Australian Professional Golfer US Mini-Tours (2008)

Simon Nash says:

Working last week with Dr Rob Neal and Karen Harrison was without doubt the most effective learning experience I have had in the game of golf. It enabled me to gain a true understanding of my golf swing. Initially I was astounded at just how different my feelings are to what is actually happening during my swing. However, armed with that knowledge I was able to make effective changes much more quickly than ever before and am certain that these changes will significantly improve my ball striking. In short, if you're not using biofeedback you're only seeing half the picture. 

What we are finding is while I am still making very big improvements and we are very excited about the direction my swing is moving we both agree that the BEST way to make CORRECT changes is to use biofeedback !!! By using it first thing in the morning it made me acutely aware of exactly how my body needed to work theu the downswing and into impact.  Then once I went outside I could use slow swings and pitching as ways of ingraining that particular movement. There is no way when making a change to be able to do it at full speed and by doing it at say 50% speed and slowly working up to full speed I was able to teach my body the new movement.

 With respect to my physical issues it was obvious how much my issues directly related to my swing. For example i am very tight thru my hips and didn’t have the ability to activate my gluts – surprise, surprise, my hips and pelvis don’t work correctly in transition or in the downswing!!  To me, my experience with the Golf Biodynamics team very clearly illustrated just how easy it can be to make swing changes once you become aware of what the change needs to feel like. At the same time, it shows just how difficult (read impossible) it is to make a change when you are unaware. I tried to make this exact change thru swing feelings and training aids for 2 years with no success whatsoever. Now, in 1 week with you both in Miami and some very focused practice back here in Minneapolis the changes are beginning to be very natural and my ball flight is improving dramatically.  I am certain that as my flexibility, strength and control improve in the coming month that will lead to the change becoming even more ingrained and permanent and I look forward to returning to Miami for a full reassessment some time soon.”

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