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Anders Christiansen - Nationals Men's Coach, Denmark (2007)

Anders Christiansen says:

In Denmark it came as a big surprise for our federation (Danish Golf Union, DGU), that we were able to win the unofficial Men’s European Strokeplay Championships, The Copa Sotogrande Nations Cup last week. The ladies from Denmark also had a great tournament finishing in 4th place, but I do not think The Danish Men’s Team have ever finished in the top 5 before and even though, I have been working hard with the players in the last 5 months, (I started as The Danish Men’s National Coach in November 2006), it also came as a surprise for me, that we were able to win. I expected my team to do well, but to win a big event like Copa Sotogrande; you also need a bit of luck. We had that, but we have also had some great help from “the best in the business” lately.

I have no economic interest in the things I am going to tell you about below, but if we share the same goal of being able to produce new golfing superstars, so that we can keep on beating the American Team at The Ryder Cup and also produce future European Major winners, I find it important that we help each other in any way we can.

DGU have been working with a company called “Golf BioDynamics”! This system is a great part of, what in my opinion is, the best golf program in the world, “The Jim McLean Golf Schools”.

Through my work for Jim McLean at The Doral Resort & Spa in Miami, during the last 9 winters, I have been introduced to Doctor Rob Neal, who is The CEO of ”Golf BioDynamics”. They have their headquarters at “The Jim McLean Golf Schools at Doral”. ”Golf BioDynamics” is a training concept that really pays attention to details in the golf swing. It measures the body in its rotations, sideways and up and downward movements and the speeds that these movements appear in the swing. In the system, you can see yourself in 3D. After a test and a comparison to one of around 150 tour pro’s, that they have measured, the most important areas to work on will be pointed out and now the system will be set up to “Feedback training mode”. It means that if you for example turn your hips too far in the backswing, a sound system will be connected to the sensor placed on your hips. This sensor will send information to a computer that will start to beep, when your hip rotation is in a great corridor, compared to where the pros are. In this way you can both feel and ”hear” the new movement and that really speeds up the process of learning a better motion. The concept is in my humble opinion fantastic!!!!!

Bobby Cole - Former PGA Tour Player Lead Master Instructor (2006)

Bobby Cole says:

Golf Biodynamics (3D System of Analysis) is the most advanced teaching method since video which of course is only 2Dimensional. To be able to measure your swing so accurately in so many ways, including sequence and timing, makes it very easy to determine exactly what you are doing differently swing to swing or from year to year. In all the years I spent on tour (PGA) there was only 3 weeks I felt my swing was perfect. If I had Golf Biodynamics available I could have recorded my swing and then would have been able to determine what I was doing differently on other weeks. A great teaching method for all level of players.

Rory McIlroy - Rory McIlroy & Golf Biodynamics

Rory McIlroy says:

Rory Mcllroy talking about his way up the rankings and about Golf BioDynamics

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