The Anti-Summit

December 5, 2011 - The Anti-Summit

Rob takes a seat once more with the "expert panel" at the Golf Conference organised by Brian Manzella.  The Anti-Summit II features Nesbit, MacKenzie, Tuxen, Wood, Neal, and Zick.

What is an Anti-Summit?

It is a science-based golf symposium where the attendees (and other scientists) can ask questions at any point.
Why do we call it that?
Because it is science-based and the attendees (and other presenters) can ask questions at any point.

It is, very simply, a symposium exposing other pros and avid golfers to scientific consultants, so that the attendees can be exposed to golf science and go out and play and teach better, or at least be able to know the difference between the right and wrong answer on a number of really important golf details. It is all delivered at a level that any avid golfer or pro can understand, and learn from.