More about the GBD Process...

We see our role as primarily to work with you and your Teaching Professional to provide expert biomechanical advice. Our focus is to facilitate efficient body motion throughout the golf swing and to highlight any physical issues that you might improve in order to assist your technical progress (relating to posture, flexibility, stability, strength, power and coordination). Taking your individual characteristics and abilities into consideration we uncover the most efficient swing mechanics for you.

  1. Part One of the GBD process is the 3D swing analysis – the technical diagnosis. This is a measurement of “what you are doing now” (as Jim McLean says). We make this often complicated technical information easy to understand with our GBD 3D Report and interpretation. From here, we can begin to plan your path to improvement. Being able to prioritize these changes comes from a wealth of knowledge and years of experience working with golfers of all abilities and some of the best teaching professionals in the business.

  2. Part Two of the GBD process is where we really feel we excel – BioFeedback Training. This unique way of learning has been shown to dramatically speed up the process associated with technical change. Our background in Exercise Science and Biomechanics plus years of experience working alongside some of the very best instructors in the game, give us the edge in terms of helping you to make the change in your golf swing.

  3. Part Three - For many average players, the struggle to change a specific swing fault often has its major cause in the inability to make a ‘physical’ adjustment. This inability may be due to a lack of awareness, poor co-ordination or motor patterning, decreased range of motion (lack of flexibility) or a strength deficit. In some cases, it is a combination of a number of these issues. Importantly, we need to know if technical improvements are likely to be hindered by a player’s lack of physical competence! A combination of physical screening tests, BioFeedback and the 3D Report itself, will allow us to tease out the relevant information. From here, we either refer you to a physical therapist/trainer or begin you on a series of exercises designed to address the issues. It is important that while you are addressing these physical issues, that you continue to have regular contact with us and/or your Teaching Professional. Physical improvements don’t necessarily automatically transfer to a better golf swing!

To ensure the most positive learning experience we prefer work WITH your Instructor - you can even bring your Instructor with you! If this is not possible then we will communicate our findings to them so that they stay in the loop. We believe that your Instructor is the ‘Director of Operations’, and that they should have the final say in terms of prioritizing the changes to your golf swing.

      A demonstration of the GBD process with colleagues from the GBD Team in Denmark, 2008: