The GBD Ultimate System

Product Information

The minimum hardware configuration includes an 8-sensor (6-DOF) Polhemus Liberty tracker ( Various models are included in the software, giving flexibility to the instructor/coach in terms of complexity (i.e., number of active sensors attached to the body) and the skill to be evaluated (full swing, pitching, putting).

  • Liberty 8 motion capture unit
  • 8 x 20’ sensors
  • 1 x 4” electromagnetic transmitter
  • Tripod
  • Cantilever
  • USB cable
  • Pointer device
  • Sensor clips, straps etc. for attaching sensors to the body and club
  • Carry-on bag for transporting system
  • Software drivers and utilities

Download PDF about Liberty System Hardware

  • Annual renewable license agreement
  • Data capture, display, reporting and biofeedback software
  • Numerous Modules available – Full Swing Analysis (Standard and Club and Body) and Putting Analysis.
  • Fully integrated module for simultaneous measurement of club and ball flight parameters through Trackman® launch monitor
Future Developments:
  • Short Game (Pitching) Module (available soon)
  • Video module allowing simultaneous capture and viewing of 3D data and digital video
  • Weight transfer module that reads individual loads/pressures under each foot concurrently with the 3D kinematic data.

  • Cost: $US 25 000.00
    N.B. includes 2 days of one-on-one training; excludes duty, shipping costs and travel expenses.

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