Why use GBD 3D?

“True 3D (6DOF) measurement”

“The pathway to a better swing”

“An integrated model to performance enhancement”

“Discover what you are doing exactly, now” Jim McLean

Maximise Power, Maximise Consistency, Minimise Injury Risk

Rob Neal with a student at The Jim McLean Golf School (Miami, FL) Courtesy of George Peet

Performance Enhancement:

  • 1. Monitor the progress of technical improvement (Full Swing, pitching or putting)
  • 2. Provide indicators of predisposition to injury
  • 3. Provide dynamic assessment of swing efficiency
  • 4. As a quantitative map of technique when a tour player is striking the ball extremely well (their “optimal” mechanics)
  • 5. BioFeedback Training to enhance and accelerate technical change
  The GBD software - looking at the path of the club head


  • 6. Measure technical & dynamic physical status of player
  • 7. Monitor the progress of rehabilitation
  • 8. Direct the exercise selection for performance enhancement
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