A key benefit to golf is that it can be played at any age. At Golf Biodynamics, we offer Brandon wedge game golf lessons to both children and adults. We see children who have a talent for golf and plan on playing in college, as well as older adults enjoying their retirement years. Anyone can get better at golf no matter their age. If you’re ready to put in the time and effort to improve your swing, contact Golf Biodynamics today! 


Golf Biodynamics was founded by Dr. Robert Neal, a biomechanist and avid proponent of golf. Dr. Neal not only plays himself but also works with club golf professionals, touring professionals and teaching professionals from all over the world. He has developed 3D motion capture software that captures clients in their swings. Data is collected in real time, and Dr. Neal works closely with each client to improve their weaknesses and support their strengths.

As you consider working with our Brandon short game instructors, here are a few things to expect.

  • Best company for swing mechanics. Golf Biodynamics leads the world in biomechanics research. Our swing analyzer is a step above, and the data produced is accurate, comprehensive and easy to analyze.
  • Customized wedge game golf lessons in Brandon FL. All golf lessons are customized to the client. Dr. Neal analyzes all data collected from the swing analysis and creates a program that supports their needs. There is no guessing, no trial and error.
  • Real, measurable results. Because our Brandon wedge game golf lessons are based on data, making a few tweaks here and there lead to immediate improvements. It won’t be long before friends and coworkers see your confidence and ability to play!
  • Programs you’re in control of. Our Brandon short game instructors understand that not everyone has the same time to give. Not a problem – pick a program that fits your needs and the time you can commit. We have weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reviews with Dr. Neal.

To start playing a better game, contact Golf Biodynamics and learn more about our Brandon wedge game golf lessons.