There are so many things to love about golf: discovering new courses, having a great hole and being outdoors in the sunshine. In fact, you don’t have to be great at the sport to love it! But, if you want to show friends and coworkers that you can play, our Kissimmee wedge game golf lessons will transform your game. We use scientific data to analyze our clients’ golf swings and create customized training sessions – no guessing! When the proper adjustments are made to your position, movement, etc., immediate improvements will be seen.


Golf Biodynamics has a team of hands-on Kissimmee short game instructors to help fine tune your skills. Our company was founded by Dr. Robert Neal, a golf biomechanist who works in the industry. Dr. Neal has also worked alongside hundreds of teaching professionals, touring professionals and club golf professionals. His insight and expertise are second to none. When combined with our swing analysis software, everything that is taught to our clients is based on data and science.

Golf Biodynamics isn’t just here to help you get better. We’re here to transform the way you play golf. Here is what you can expect from our Kissimmee short game instructors:

  • Real results. There is no trial and error or cookie-cutter strategies that we apply. Every lesson is customized to meet your needs and based off data collected from our analysis.
  • Advanced technology. Neal has developed and updated 3D motion capture software that is like no other. This software can be used for research and coaching.
  • Customized reports. All Kissimmee wedge game golf lessons come with customized reports to show progress. We use easy color coding (green, yellow, red) to show your performance.
  • Easy to understand. Other golf swing analyzers produce data that can be difficult to understand. Our program provides data that is clear and concise. No second guessing!

Ready to see lower scores? Contact Golf Biodynamics to learn more about our Kissimmee wedge game golf lessons and what they can do for you!