If you’re interested in improving your short game, Golf Biodynamics can help! In fact, our Lakeland wedge game golf lessons produce real results and immediate improvements. We don’t use guessing or trial and error for our lessons. We realize that everyone is different, therefore, we use scientific data to understand each player and the areas they need to work on.

Dr. Robert Neal founded our company and also developed 3D motion capture technology. Based on the data collected from our software, Dr. Neal puts together a customized program for each client. You can expect your program to address your strengths and weaknesses. Some of the skills you might practice are utilizing the bounce on pitches, pitching with your arms and keeping your hands softened on chips.

Here is more detail on how our wedge game golf lessons in Lakeland FL work.

  • Analysis. First, Dr. Neal learns about your swing, your abilities and the things you need to work on through our golf analyzer and high speed video. Our technology requires users to wear sensors to capture their movements.
  • Customized programs. Our Lakeland short game instructors create customized programs that are unique to your needs. No two golfers are the same. Plus, you want to put your time to good use, practicing the skills and techniques that will get you further.
  • Progress reports. After your Lakeland wedge game golf lessons, you will be given a progress report to show your performance. We use color coding to show where you are excelling and the areas that need more attention.
  • Reviews. Depending on the program you sign up for, you will meet with our Lakeland short game instructors weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. We have remote coaching services available as well, though we always encourage our clients to meet with Dr. Neal in person.

Golf Biodynamics will take your game to another level. Real results right away. Call us to start your customized Lakeland wedge game golf lessons.