Golf Biodynamics offers Sanford wedge game golf lessons for all ages. Our instructors will work with you on a one-on-one level to provide the best results. Everything we do is based off scientific data gathered from our 3D swing analyzer. We find that this is a much more efficient and effective way to improve power, accuracy, etc. Our clients can focus on the things they need to work on while strengthening their skills.


Our company was founded by Dr. Robert Neal, a golf biomechanist who has worked with hundreds of golf professionals around the world. Using his love of golf, his experience working with professionals and his background in biomechanics, Dr. Neal developed 3D motion capture software that bridges the gap between coaching and playing golf. Currently, we are leading the world in biomechanics research.

By taking part in our wedge game golf lessons in Sanford FL, here are some of the things you can expect to work on.

  • Utilizing the bounce on pitches properly
  • Improving set up and body positioning
  • Attach angle
  • Creating the proper shaft lean at impact
  • Club head speed
  • Face angle
  • Club path
  • Rotating the body for better contact


The advantage to working with Golf Biodynamics is that everything is customized to your needs. Using the data collected from our 3D swing analyzer and high speed videos, Dr. Neal puts together a personalized training program just for you. No two lessons are the same, and you get one-on-one attention from Dr. Neal. We have a number of programs available, allowing you to meet with our Sanford short game instructors on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

All data collected from our swing analyzers is easy to understand, so you’ll have no trouble knowing what skills need to be further developed. After each lesson, you will receive a customized progress report that displays your performance. While it’s great to be able to meet with our Sanford short game instructors in person, we do offer remote coaching services. We want everyone to be able to take advantage of our program!

To learn more about our Sanford wedge game golf lesson and how it can improve your performance, contact Golf Biodynamics today.