Are you in need of Winter Park wedge game golf lessons that will make a difference in your performance? Golf Biodynamics offers customized golf lessons that are based on biomechanics and 3D swing analysis. Using a swing analyzer and high speed videos, Dr. Robert Neal analyzes your swing and develops a program to support your strengths and weaknesses.

Dr. Neal has a background in biomechanics and an appreciation for golf. Not only does he play himself, but also he has worked with hundreds of club golf professionals, touring professionals and teaching professionals. The insight he brings to the game is immeasurable.


As you consider our program for wedge game golf lessons in Winter Park FL, here are a few benefits to know about us!

  • Accurate technology. The technology we use for our swing analysis is top notch. Dr. Neal is able to analyze every move and identify the strengths and weaknesses in your swing.
  • Customized plans. Our Winter Park short game instructors put together customized golf lessons based on your needs. Aside from the skills we see in your analysis, Dr. Neal will also spend one-on-one time with you. What do you want to improve? What are you confident in?
  • Flexible golf lessons. Golf Biodynamics offers remote coaching, which is great for those who want professional lessons with more flexibility. Weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly reviews are also done thanks to our remote coaching services.
  • Immediate results. Our Winter Park short game instructors do not need to guess on the skills you need to work on. Everything we use to assess our clients is based on scientific data. Make the changes and you’ll see an immediate improvement.

Golf is a technical sport, but you can improve your game with the right Winter Park wedge game golf lessons. For information on our customized coaching lessons, call Golf Biodynamics today.